Wireless Panoramic Bulb Camera

Wireless Panoramic Bulb Camera

Wireless Panoramic Bulb Camera

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It can be connected to the wireless using a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection to help you with the installation; follow the guide using the app.

The light bulb security camera gives the user a 360 degree panoramic full HD view of the room. 

Which can be viewed from anywhere when the camera is connected to Wi-Fi.

With multiple viewing modes available on your smartphone, you can choose how you want to view your home.

It features a two-way intercom so you can communicate with people at your front door or when you catch your children doing stuff they shouldn’t be.

The motion sensor is designed to provide you with extra security; with five sensitivity levels, no one will be able to sneak past the camera.

The beauty of a light bulb security camera is the easy installation; it’s as simple as changing a bulb.

Key Features

  • Night vision
  • Four viewing modes
  • 16 GB micro SD card included
  • Motion detection feature (five sensitivity settings)
  • Alarm mode
  • Two-way intercom
  • 360° full HD view
  • Live stream

It provides an inconspicuous way of monitoring your home; they even link to the Wi-Fi for remote viewing any were in the world. So what is the best light bulb security camera?

The Buyers Guide To Light Bulb Security Cameras

Before purchasing your light bulb security system, there are a few things you need to check out before making your purchase:

Two-way Speaker

If there is any consultation of catching someone on the security camera stealing from you, it's scaring the shit out of them on the two-way speaker; it's not bad for pranking your children either.

Night Vision

Most thefts happen at night, which is why a night vision security camera is such a high commodity. You can rest assured that any creeping at night will be seen in great detail.

Motion Detection

To stop you blindly staring at your phone trying to catch someone breaking in, some light bulb security cameras have a motion sensor. You'll receive a notification when the camera picks anything up.

Wi-Fi Band

Light bulb security cameras require different bandwidths to perform there task. Check that your router can provide the camera with the band width it requires to function before you purchase it.


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