Rose Tree Lamp

Rose Tree Lamp

Rose Tree Lamp

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Spice Up Your Room

If you want to achieve an intimate vibe for your room, the Maria Rose Lamp can make that magic happen. It instantly elevates your home to a romantic setting without even putting too much effort into it. Its elegant appeal can covert even the gloomiest part of your home to a romantic space, making it ideal for a heartfelt gathering.

Make Your Evenings Lovely

Every single rose features its own light, bringing warm ambiance and exuding radiance that keeps your room beautifully lit for as long as you need it. Unlike lamps that can only set your place in an ordinary mood, the Maria Rose Lamp is the perfect ambiance changer. It’s the only lamp that can transform a typical get-together into a special event that you will never forget.


  • Delicate beauty.  It makes you feel sweet inside and calms your stress down at night. A beaut you’ll never get enough of!
  • Romantic lighting.  Let this rose lamp be the only light in your room and see how its artistry sets the tone into a romantic one, making your evening magical and lovelier than it could ever be
  • Great accent piece. Place it in a room that needs a change of mood and feel how the ambiance softens. With its warm lifelike light source, everything becomes special
  • Flexible Branches. You can freely adjust its bendable branches however you want to arrange the roses. Just move them around according to your taste and liking
  • Perfect Gift.  Suits all ages. Give it as a special gift to your loved ones
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