Pro Reflex Speed Punch Ball

Pro Reflex Speed Punch Ball

Pro Reflex Speed Punch Ball

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No need for sophisticated speed training equipment or going to the gym to see huge improvements in your hand-eye coordination.
Burns calories too Besides honing your reflexes and speed, the speed boxing training ball is a great workout. You're sure to be burning those calories as you strive to keep hitting the rebounding ball, which in turn exercises your arms, shoulders, chest and upper back.

Professional Reflection Training - The best way to improve hand-eye coordination and reflection. This boxing speed ball is a good choice to increase your child's eye coordination, responsiveness, agility, and enjoy yourself.
Suitable for everyone! - Whether you are a professional boxer or a beginner, a man, a lady or a child, interested in boxing or just want to exercise, the boxing reflex ball is suitable for everyone. It is perfect for serious training or just a fun kids game!
Let calories burn - maybe you are used to lifting weights or running on a treadmill, but fighting Ball may be better and more compelling. 
The unpredictability of Boxing Reflex Ball, combined with your boxing strength, will really burn your arms, chest, shoulders and upper back, perfect for calorie burning and conditioning! In addition, it is very addictive!
Anytime and anywhere - no motivation to exercise at home? Don't want to go to the gym? Don't worry, this punching ball can help a lot, it's so lightweight and portable, which means you can take it anywhere. Ideal for work breaks or school breaks, even beaches and parks.

Ery soft, so it won't hurt even if it hits your face - even kids can play and train safely with this fun punching boxing ball.

Simply strap on the boxing ball headband and start training your speed, accuracy and concentration anywhere, anytime.

  • Reflex training ball for adults and kids alike.
  • Whether you’re a serious boxer who wants to be better at your sport or just a looking for a fun game and can't refuse a challenge.
  • The head boxing ball is designed to help you improve your hit accuracy, hand-eye coordination, concentration and minimize your natural reflex action time.
  • Safe-to-use boxing fight ball reflex.
  • The boxing training punching ball consists of a headband with a ball.


  • Style: head-mounted
  • Material: PU
  • Packing: OPP bag packaging
  • Packing: 130*35*55MM
  • Ball diameter: 6CM

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