LED Motion Sensor Light

LED Motion Sensor Light

LED Motion Sensor Light

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Always find your way in the dark

Forget about stumbling in the dark, fumbling through drawers and cupboards, or simply making your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, with our Lightly motion sensor light strips installed in your home, you’ll never get lost in the dark again.


Super easy no-drill installation

If you’re renting or can’t be bothered with the hassle of drilling or opening holes in your walls, our Lightly easily and conveniently sticks to surfaces with high-quality 3M PE foam.

Motion activated for energy saving and ultimate convenience

With a super sensitive motion activation of distances between 10’ - 16’ and a delay of 16 seconds, our Lightly is a simple and effective way of saving energy and adding automation to your home - you'll never have to worry about lights being left on again.

LED lights made to last with a whopping 30,000 hour lifespan

Question: How long approximately would standard 2/4 AAA batteries last in this for someone who uses them in a closet on a daily basis? 
  • Answer: About 2-3 months in a high traffic area (turning on about ten times a night). 3-6 months in a low traffic area (turning on few times a night).
6 LED Light needs : 2 AAA batteries
10 LED Light needs : 4 AAA batteries
Question: How do I replace the batteries? 
  • Answer: Very easy to replace the batteries since the light is held together by a magnet. Simply take it off the magnet. Open the battery compartment on the side. The batteries load, single file, one direction.

Question: How long does it stay on?

  • Answer: 15 seconds but as long as there is movement within it's range the light will stay on. Turns off 15 seconds after motion sensor detects no movement.

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