3 in1 Wireless Charger For iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch

3 in1 Wireless Charger For iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch

3 in1 Wireless Charger For iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch

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3 in 1 Wireless i-Charging Dock

Want to avoid dealing with tangled cords or frequent misplacements of your Apple trio in your living room? Here is an elegant multipurpose stand for you:

 Charges fast all three devices iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously. 

 Stay organised by reducing clutter from your desktop or nightstand. Qi Wireless charging technology enables you to avoid hassles of cables and wires.

 Easy drop and go charging with inbuilt magnetic charging module. Convenient placement of your iPhone vertically or horizontally enables to use it while charging.

 Safe charging technology offers protection of your devices from over-charge or heats and automatic power-off with a well designed Micro Controller Unit in place.


Advantages of Wireless Phone Charging?

  • Convenience: The number one benefit of having wireless charging is that you will never have to deal with cords again. It leaves the need of messy cords and makes it much simpler by just letting you drop your phone at the charging station. Additionally, you will not have to worry about where you left your cord and the need for different chargers. With wireless chargers, you can charge all your phones simultaneously.
  • Integration: One of the best advantages of certain wireless chargers is that it can integrate with almost all cell phones, no matter the shape or size of its charging socket. And also, there are certain devices other than smartphones which can be charged using the wireless charger.
  • Multiple Device Charging: Today, we may have several smartphones in the same room. Usually, most smartphones have the same chargers; there can still be a difference when it comes to Apple and Android phones. Having a wireless charging pad can allow you to charge different smartphones simultaneously. Having a multiple device charging station will not only help you to charge your smartphones but also likewise devices like tablets, laptops, etc. With this, you can reduce the amount of cables and international power adapters at your home and workplace.


Note :

  1. Please use QC2.0 or QC3.0 Power Charger Adapter, otherwise, it doesn't charge. 
  2. The watch should be free of any thick case, the charge distance is 0-8 mm.

Packing Includes:
1 x Wireless Charger Holder
1 x Charger Cable ( USB-C to USB-A)
1 x User Manual

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