120cm Yoga Pull Rope Elastic Resistance Bands

120cm Yoga Pull Rope Elastic Resistance Bands

120cm Yoga Pull Rope Elastic Resistance Bands

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The Perfect Combo With Our Muscle Board™!

The Muscle Board™ is perfect for building your mass strength and main muscle groups. Now it's time for the finer details! The BodyBlasters 2.0™ are the best solution for toning the smaller muscles such as your biceps, triceps, side delts, rear delts, even your abs! 

Whether you are a beginner or already at an advanced fitness level, BodyBlasters 2.0™ exercises can give your muscles a good challenge.

You can use the Body Blasters 2.0™ for exercises that target any body part without putting extra pressure on the joints. And while the usual strength exercises focus on bigger muscle groups (with the muscle board), BodyBlasters 2.0 exercises can be great for targeting those smaller muscles that function as stabilizers, too.


For this incredibly low price, you are able to perform full body workouts and you also get 3 different strengths. For muscles such as the side delts, you only need a light strength to get a good pump, then the heavy strength can be used for bigger muscle groups such as legs. You get all 3 strengths for one price + FREE Delivery!

Using our highly rated Muscle Board™ alongside our new BodyBlasters 2.0™, you can be sure that your body is going to be stronger, fitter and look amazing each time you use them. Make 2020 your year!

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