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We know that your money is something sacred that you have worked hard for, and it is not so easy to trust websites to buy those incredible products that you see. We understand it and that is why we do not ask you to trust us for free.

We want to introduce you to the 2 platforms that we use to receive payments, these are external to us, but we use them to ensure that your money is safe.


They receive credit cards and direct transfers from your bank account they respond to you with any disagreement you have directly from your account that you will have to create.

Payment Market

They receive cash payments, transfers or any credit card in more than 70 thousand points around the country and they are responsible for any problem with your payment and they return your money you can make any claim directly with them

We are responsible for all our products, their quality and correct delivery since we are committed to providing the best customer service. But we want you too to feel as secure when making your payment.

We hope you have an excellent day and we are here to serve you at any time.

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